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Winroulette 4.0

The portal makes the Winroulette software available to all fans of online roulette game.

You can download the program (it's free), install it on your PC (all Windows and Android operating systems) and you will have the opportunity to try our "strangle" method, an absolutely revolutionary roulette system.

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Name: WinRoulette 4.0
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Winroulette is based on the strangle * method, an algorithm developed and invented by the developers of the software program themselves.
The real systems analysts, who are looking for a scientific method to beat online roulette, will be able to try it personally, test it with real permanences and discover its potential for yourself.

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* the "strangle" algorithm is an intellectual property of the development team.

Informations to users

What is "WinRoulette"

The system player is a specialist who is always engaged in studying game and is constantly looking for a scientifically and experimentally valid method.
He wants to turn the game into an earning source: this is the main goal.
WinRoulette is the ideal tool for a system player, because because the program algorithm is a revolutionary tool that allows player to face the roulette game giving the opportunity to try and experiment different techniques thanks to the possibility to setting up various parameters.

How the "WinRoulette" system was born

Are there certain systems for winning at the roulette game?
In reality, a question formulated in this way is not correct, because we should ask ourselves: taking into account the limitations that gambling houses adopt (it would be better to say impose), such as the betting limits, and so on, are there any winning systems in this context?
The answer is yes, but with a clarification; rather than systems, instead, there are gambling behaviors that can make us win.
Our method lends itself to be played in a simple way.
When they come up with numbers, we will take note of them in an appropriate way and then, upon the occurrence of a particular game situation, bet following the indications provided by the Method.

How the "WinRoulette" program is provided

The "WinRoulette" program consists of a software application, supplied in an installation package capable of running on all Microsoft Windows operating systems (from XP up to Windows 10) and on all Android operating systems.

The Software

The "winroulette" software has been designed to run on all Microsoft Windows and Android operating systems.
The system used allows to adopt different attack strategies thanks to the presence of numerous customizable parameters.
The download takes only a few seconds and installation takes a few simple steps. Within the program (but also on this website) there is a link to consult a practical "online guide" where the mechanisms of operation of the "strangle" method and the meaning of the various game parameters are illustrated.

To install the Android Version program, simply click on the appropriate Download button and follow the instructions on the Google Play landing page.
The installation from the store is 100% safe as the App is subjected to the Google analysis and review process.

Winroulette for its characteristics - it is a program and not a traditional "pen and paper" system where you have to make strange and complicated calculations - it is the ideal tool to be used in any online casino.
 Operating System: Android
 Current version: 4.0
 Dimension: 2,93 MB
 License: Paid
 Number of Downloads:

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WinRoulette App for Android.
App winroulette 4.0 App winroulette 4.0

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WinRoulette Pro Stats

Balance of chips won-lost in real time by all countries in the last 30 days

1 it +5404
2 br +2946
3 ca +1706
4 ch +697
5 us +549
6 ro +506
7 es +442
8 in +399
9 gb +377
10 fr +355
11 mx +333
12 th +311
13 bg +247
14 gr +204
15 tr +182
16 my +160
17 be +117
18 nz +95
19 nl +94
20 ng +93
21 au +71
22 +70
23 de +48
24 cn +47
25 pt +46
26 za +24
27 sk +23
28 pe +22


PC Restore Quality

Awarded for quality

"WinRoulette" program has been reviewed and rewarded for quality by several authoritative software sites.
  Simple user interface.
  Parameters Setting.

Safe and Certified

Winroulette (version for Windows and Android) is a software for playing and earning roulette: safe, verified and certified.
It does NOT contain viruses, trojans, spyware or other malicious components that can harm your computer.
If you click on the banner on the side you can check the "security report" issued by or alternatively Google Safe Browsing.


Our system for online roulette (algorithm + software) is the result of extensive studies and has required many hours of work. It can be downloaded after payment, but we will be grateful to anyone who wants to make a donation.
To make a donation to our project, even a minimal one, you can use Paypal, one of the best known and safest electronic payment systems.


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